Welcome to Business-centric HR, my blog to interact with other HR practitioners  and also the business site for HKCoach!

HKCoach is a small, agile Sydney based HR consultancy established to support clients to build the efficacy of their strategic HR and Organisational Development (OD) remit.

While clients of all sizes/industries are welcome, HKCoach particularly focusses on building HR/OD strategic capability in medium sized businesses who have a single HR resource or a small HR team and are looking to best leverage their time and capability in the strategic space.  For this reason a key offering is HR mentoring and coaching across a range of HR and OD strategic areas.

This site is designed to introduce you to the services that HKCoach can provide to help build/establish your internal strategic HR and OD frameworks and/or support capability and knowledge uplift in these areas for your own HR team.

The site also hosts a blog where the Principal of HKCoach, Helen Kidston, will regularly post articles on key HR issues and invite networking and comments/thoughts on emerging trends or priorities for the HR profession more generally.


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HR: Getting Back to (First) Principles

Process should support outcomes, not de-rail them. In part one of this blog series I recounted some discussions where I faced an uncomfortable truth about HR. I saw the impacts of HR memes and processes, and possibly HR ambition, dominating and overcoming the actual value that could otherwise have been brought to business issues. And … Continue reading HR: Getting Back to (First) Principles

HR’s Role: Do We Need To Get Over Ourselves Sometimes?

In our rush for influence could we lose sight of our true value proposition? More than a decade ago I was a speaker at an HR conference. My session was late in the day, so I enjoyed the other sessions while quietly thinking about what I would present later. Around mid morning a presenter gave … Continue reading HR’s Role: Do We Need To Get Over Ourselves Sometimes?

Welcome to Business-Centric HR!

Welcome to my blog everyone! I wanted my introductory blog post to highlight why I chose to call this blog ‘Business Centric HR’. There’s much debate over whether HR should be essentially business-centric or people-centric, as though they are mutually exclusive terms. I, for one, don’t think they are. In the other view people-centric is perhaps … Continue reading Welcome to Business-Centric HR!

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